The herd’s History

The first Limousin bull set foot on Otjimukandi in 1996. The bull was purchased from Reinette Alberts in the Grootfontein district for use on South Devon/Afrikaner cross heifers in the commercial herds. Given the astonishing results 14 months later regarding the improvement in conformation, the decision was made to start a Limousin Stud in order to breed our own bulls for the commercial herds. 

The Whaddon Limousin Stud was officially founded on the 4th of July 1998. The first three herd sires were bought on the South African National Limousin Auction during 1999. The best known bull which was bought, was Vergesigte FN 97 91 Euremis Ulysse - better known as Diamant. This was followed by the purchase of 6 cows with calves at foot from Mr. Ferdie Naude (Vergesigte Farming). 

Sporadic purchases of females were also made from well known herds like Jacre, Penmick and Coriza. The bull, Coriza Frans, out of Vergesigte Brazillia Ulex, was bought in 2001. After this, four bulls and fourteen cows/heifers were imported from the well known Devlan Herd of John & Tracey Devonport. Some polled heifers and two herd sires were bought from the Renlo Stud of Hennie Viljoen. Locally a few heifers were bought from Siegfried Wilckens of the Omateva Herd. 

Six years ago a point was reached where the herd was closed for bringing in new female breeding material. Strict selection is done to keep only the best females in the herd with outstanding reproduction capabilities and conformation. 

From time to time specific bulls are identified and imported to make corrective mating. The Limousin is also used in the commercial herds where a three breed crossbreeding system with the South Devon and Tuli breeds are followed.



The owner

 The owner of the Whaddon Limousin Herd is 13 year old Jürgen-Leigh Human. Currently he is still schooling at Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaat Skool in Windhoek and his contributions towards the stud are limited to inputs during weekends and school holidays. 

At school he excels in rugby, hockey, athletics and cricket while he also participates in various cultural activities. Academics are also high on the agenda because he anticipates studying in Veterinary Science in South Africa after completing school. 

Jürgen-Leigh became the proud owner of the Stud the day when he was born and his grandparents, Hantie and Johanna Human decided that he should be the sole owner. 


The management team behind the owner

As the owner is still at school, he relies heavily on his management team on the farm to oversee things. With father Hannes as herd manager and mom Janine as herd secretary, the wheels are kept turning on Otjimukandi. 

Hantie Human, Jürgen-Leigh’s granddad, also acts as herd supervisor especially when it comes to new herd sire selection and mating groups. Apart from them, the loyal labour force of three people are also looking at the well being of the animals.