In order to have a sound breeding policy, you ought to be sure that as a person, your own view of life is sound and vested in our Almighty God. That’s why our business/farming is based on two principles:


“Believe in God,

 Believe in yourself

 Believe in your dreams

And you will be capable of anything in life”


“Never go back on your word”


Only the best genetics available are being used in the herd as our aim is to breed a type of Limousin that performs well under extreme Namibian farming conditions. The following aspects are emphasized in our stud breeding policy:

-   small calves at birth (not exceeding 37 kg in bull calves)

-    fine bone structure – herd bulls with a coarse bone structure are avoided or culled at an early age

-    fertility – cows must calf each year in order to stay in the herd 

-    hardiness – breed well adapted animals for our harsh climatic conditions that can look well after themselves without to much licks and supplements.



Whaddon Limousins is an active partner in the Breedplan Scheme. Although the figures of any animal are important, the eye and the attunement of the breeder is eventually more important. In the graphs shown beneath are some of our Breedplan figures.




We annually participate at various Namibian shows mainly as a marketing tool. We do not sell any animals at show auctions. Show results are not the biggest issue as we rather strive to win the fertility and Breedplan classes where reproduction is the main factor. We are also trying not to over feed our animals as this has a direct negative impact on fertility. Breeding is far better than feeding.



From time to time we do offer some bulls and heifers on auctions. As breeders we do not strive to record prices for animals as we regard this as the quickest way to chase away your loyal customers – the commercial farmer. We prefer selling our animals from the farm where the customer is more at ease, can select the animals that he favours in their normal living conditions at his own time, without any auctioneering stress.  


Registering Authority

All our stud animals are fully registered with the Limousin Cattle Breeders Society of South Africa. 



In order to stay on top in the breeding game we are members of the following organizations to secure a healthy flow of information to the farming enterprise:

- Limousin Cattle Breeders Club of Namibia

- Limousin Cattle Breeders Society of South Africa

- Tuli Cattle Breeders Society of Namibia

- Tuli Cattle Breeders Society of South Africa

- South Devon Cattle Breeders Society of Namibia

- South Devon Cattle Breeders Society of South Africa

- South Devon Herd Book Society, England

- Witvlei Farmers Association

- Namibian Agricultural Union

- Namibian Stud Breeders Association.