Some feedback from our clients


Gerhard Bouwer
“During October 2011 I purchased two Limousin bulls from the Whaddon Limousin Stud in the Gobabis District, Namibia.  I farm mainly with Nguni and Bonsmara cows and needed bulls which could add more meat and muscle to my calves.  I was pleasantly surprised when the first Limousine cross bred calves were born.  The eldest of these calves (photo's above) is 8 months old and none of the calves have received any extra fodder throughout this drought we are experiencing in Namibia presently.

I was also impressed with the way the bulls kept their condition under the harsh farming conditions of this year.  No extra supplements or fodder was given to them and they just continue to keep on producing!!. I, for one, am certainly going to keep on buying bulls from the Whaddon Stud as the calves are small at birth, but grow very well under harsh conditions and I am expecting the best prices for these calves at our local auction next week!”