commercial herds

As the commercial herds comprise almost 80% of all the animals on the farm, its significance can be seen as main income contributor to the farming company. A quote from the Bible (Proverbs of Solomon Chapter 14 verse 4) reads: “Without any oxen to pull the plough your barn will be empty, but with it will be full of corn.” 

In our commercial herds we are crossing the Limousin, South Devon and Tuli with each other. Two bulls are put to 50 cows/heifers in the breeding season. Half of our yearly offspring are sold as weaners and the other half are kept for replacement heifers and steers. 

Steers are marketed when they reach the age of 30 months to our local export abattoir in Windhoek. Fertility is the most important factor in the commercial herd. Cows and heifers that do not produce a calf a year are sold at the local auction and are replaced immediately. On this farm, there is no place for under-achievement.