Why the Tuli? 

The Tuli was introduced to our commercial herds during 2009. In order to breed a homozygous polled cow for the commercial herds, we decided on the Tuli as third leg in the cross breeding programmes. It also possesses much outstanding qualities that fits to our breeding policy. Previously Afrikaner bulls were used. A small Tuli Stud, Kapit-yt Tulis, was also founded to serve as a source where we can breed our own bulls for cross breeding purposes. 



We fully endorsed the viewpoint of the Tuli Cattle breeders Society of South Africa as set out below regarding the Tuli. “The Tuli is indigenous to Southern Africa with hardiness and adaptability bred into it through a process of natural selection over a period of at least two thousand years. 

In recent times attributes of economic value have been the aim of scientific selection and have given us the modern Tuli. In female animals the accent has been on fertility, milk production and low calf mortality while in bulls it has been growth, feed conversion and carcass quality. Great care has always been taken not to compromise the natural hardiness and adaptability of the breed. 

The Tuli developed in relative isolation and has a unique genetic make up which makes it particularly successful in cross breeding programs - not only is a high degree of hybrid vigour achieved but a large percentage of polled calves as well. Tuli steers and Tuli-cross calves finish faster off the veld than many other breeds.” (Tuli Cattle Breeders’ Society of South Africa, 2013)



Some of the Tuli cattle on the farm.