Why the Limousin?




Our main reason for farming with the Limousin can be seen from the following extract from a Journal of the Limousin Cattle breeders’ Society of South Africa. We fully support and endorse this viewpoint.

“This rugged breed is easy to work with, has high weaning rates, and produces tender, tasty beef. Originating in France, Limousin cattle thrive in harsh conditions. The breed is a highly efficient beef-producing animal with a well-muscled carcass containing little excess fat.

The first Limousin cattle were imported to South Africa in 1974 and to Namibia in June 1985. According to the Limousin Cattle Breeders’ Society of SA, the breed’s characteristics include:

• A medium-sized frame, allowing these animals to flourish and be profitable under most conditions.

• Hybrid vigour. Crossed with any other breed, Limousins produce calves for the feedlot that grow well.

• An efficient carcass. Slaughter percentages, meat yields and meat-to-bone ratio are all high, and the amount of fat is low.

• Easy calving at 32kg on the veld.

• Docility. The breed is easy to work with.

• Fertility. Herds achieve 92% weaning rates.

• Longevity. Cows regularly produce up to 14 calves.

• Feedlot potential, with daily gains of over 2kg.

The meat is tender, tasty and healthy. No hormones are needed as the breed grows beef muscle naturally – exactly what consumers want.” (Limousin Cattle breeders’ Society of South Africa – 2013) 



  In the photographs some of our commercial cattle can be seen. 




In the chart below a summary of our slaughter out percentages can be seen. Note the incline since the Limousin was introduced into our commercial herds. The Limousin and its crosses are also very high in demand with feedlots in Namibia and neighbouring South Africa.